Killing of a Gentleman Defender

murillo killing gentleman defender

IN 1994, THE world was shocked when International soccer star Andres Escobar was gunned down in Medellin, Colombia following his disastrous own goal at the FIFA World Cup USA. In 2015, Martin, an ambivalent teaching artist in Chicago is hired to create a play about violence in Chicago with youth from the violence plagued neighborhoods of the city. Caught between his boss' desire for a docudrama and his own belief in metaphor, Martin unearths the Escobar story from the past to tell a city's story in the present. Tragedy ensues. 

Commissioned by the Goodman Theatre, Robert Falls, Artistic Director, 2015

  • 5 men, 3 women


Workshops & Readings - The Goodman Theatre, Chicago, 2015; Theatre @ Boston Court, Pasadena, 2015

To request a copy please contact Carlos Murillo's agent, Antje Oegel at AOI International.