I Come from Arizona

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Gabi Castillo, a bright, 14-year-old Mexican-American girl living on the South Side of Chicago, is accepted into a very different, elite high school. Through her Global Perspectives class, she learns secrets about her past and her parents, discovers her own inherited strength, and begins to understand what it means to take risks. In today’s world of immigration raids and Dreamers, fear and uncertainty, Gabi inspires a modern-day lesson in bravery, courage, and finding power in what seems like a powerless situation.


The world premiere was in 2018 at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.


“A keen, caring work by playwright Carlos Murillo, "Arizona" is not an overtly political play by any stretch. But it offers voices and perspectives not often heard in the immigration debate — especially those of children." —Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

“I Come From Arizona” shows what art can do that journalism can’t. To say that this “puts a human face” on an issue is a gross understatement." or "one of the most powerful pieces of theater that I’ve experienced this year." —Rob Hubbard, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

“The Children’s Theatre Company is now staging the world premiere of playwright Carlos Murillo’s urgent story about a Mexican-American teenager coming of age in terrifying times. Murillo conducted extensive research in the Chicago community where I Come from Arizona is set, and the result is a script that squarely addresses the realities facing families like Gabi’s in 2018. “ —Jay Gabler, City Pages

“If the many stories of deported immigrants, or immigrants fearing deportation, have blurred into a big gray cloud in your head, “I Come From Arizona” will bring the whole sorry, tragic mess into razor-sharp focus.” —Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

“It is an excellent play, blending difficult social, political, and familial realities into a story told with generosity and heart. “ —Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

To request a copy please contact Carlos Murillo's agent, Antje Oegel at AOI International.