Published Works

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Murillo Publications

The Javier Plays - Your Name Will Follow You HomeA Thick Description of Harry Smith , & Diagram of a Paper Airplane (2015) Published by 53rd State Press

The Dead Parents Club (2013) - 10 minute play - featured in Bookwings: A Virtual Drama, Autumn Hill Books, 2015

Augusta and Noble (2013) Published by Dramatic Publishing Company in 2016

Mendacity, or a Herd of Elephants in the Room - (2012) - 7 Minute Play - in The Best 10 Minute Plays of 2013, Published  by Smith and Kraus

Fragment of a Paper Airplane (2009) - 10 Minute Play - in 2009: Best 10 Minute Plays, Published by Smith and Kraus

Dark Play or Stories for Boys (2007) Published by Dramatists Play Service in 2008also in New Playwrights: Best New Plays of 2007, Lawrence Harbison, ed. Smith & Kraus, 2008, also in Humana Festival 2007 Anthology, Julie Felise Dubiner & Adrien-Alice Hansel, eds., Playscripts, 2008

Mimesophobia or Before and After (2005) Published by Broadway Play Publishing in 2015

A Human Interest Story or The Gory Details and All (2004) Published in Theatre Forum in 2005 and by Dramatists Play Service in 2008 

Schadenfreude (2001) Published in Theatre Forum in 2002

Never Whistle While You're Pissing (1998) Published by Rain City Press