Killing of a Gentleman Defender

murillo killing gentleman defender

In some rooms he’s Martin. In others he’s Martín. Hired by a well-funded arts institution on Chicago’s Northside to create a show with Chicago youth about violence on the Southside, Marteen finds himself torn not only by the pronunciation of his name, but by the conflicting needs of the institution and the young people they believe they're “serving,” and by a city in a death struggle with its own divided self. Does Martin/Martín make an exploitative confessional docudrama? Or does he try to find a metaphor? Reaching into his own history, he unearths, with his young ensemble, the story of the 1994 murder of soccer star Andres Escobar in Medellín, Colombia, hoping a past-tense allegory of violence in a deeply divided, faraway city will illuminate violence in the deeply divided Chicago of now. When a very real act of violence hits home, what story will Martin and his youth ensemble tell?

Commissioned by the Goodman Theatre, Robert Falls, Artistic Director, 2015

  • 5 men, 3 women


Workshops & Readings - The Goodman Theatre, Chicago, 2015; Theatre @ Boston Court, Pasadena, 2015; Bay Area Playwrights Foundation Rough Readings, 2017; Latinx Theatre Commons Carnaval, 2018


          Kernodle New Play Award, University of Arkansas, 2018

To request a copy please contact Carlos Murillo's agent, Antje Oegel at AOI International.