Mimesophobia or Before and After

mimesophobia murillo

THEY SEEMED LIKE the perfect couple. Affluent. Attractive. Well-educated. Why did the husband brutally murder his wife and then take his own life? A desperate screenwriting duo struggles with severe writer's block to unearth the answer. The murder victim's sister reconstructs from the ashes a diary that may or may not contain the secrets. And a deranged academic, haunted by her own possible involvement, meditates on the American obsession with violence. In the face of inexplicable violence, whose myth will most closely resemble the truth of what happened?

Commissioned by South Coast Rep, David Eames, Artistic Director

  • 3 Men, 3 Women


World Premiere - New York City Summer Play Festival, 2005

Chicago Premiere - Theatre Seven, 2010

Northwest Premiere - Sand and Glass Productions, Portland, 2008

Workshops & Readings - Kennedy Center Page to Stage Festival, 2008; Portland Center Stage JAW West Festival, 2004; South Coast Rep Hispanic Playwrights' Project, 2003; New York Theatre Workshop, 2003; Chautauqua Institution Conservatory, 2002; ASK Theatre Projects, Los Angeles, 2002


"It's quite a lot of fun to watch." - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"It's intriguing stuff, imaginative and well crafted. But expect to feel unsettled by Murillo's tale. Stories about failed magic and death -- and people who respond with bewilderment, ghoulish opportunism, or both -- tend to be like that." - Eric Bartels, Portland Tribune

"Murillo succeeds entirely on his own terms, turning the concept of current modern entertainment into something incalculably strange . . . a kind of terror that only an expert storyteller can achieve." - TalkinBroadway

"One of the most refreshing plays to land this season." - Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theatre Blog

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