murillo schadenfreude

ELISABETH NIETZSCHE, CAUGHT between the two great loves of her life -- her brother Friedrich and her anti-Semitic husband Berhard Forster -- sets out on a wild journey to the jungles of Paraguary to found the colony of Neva Germania, a proto-Nazi experiment. Facing the choice between her ailing husband and her insane brother, Elisabeth fuses their two irreconcilable world-views, becoming an indomitable force in earth 20th Century Germany.

  • 4 Men, 3 Women 


World Premiere - Circle X Theatre Company, Los Angeles, 2001

Workshops & Readings - Sundance Playwrights Lab, Provo 1996; Bay Area Playwrights Festival, San Francisco, 1996; PlayLabs, The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis 1996; New Work Now! Festival, The Public Theater, New York City, 1996; Actors Repertory Company, Toronto, 2005


"Carlos Murillo's philosophically dense, sometimes jarring Schadenfreude is a provocative imagining with slivers of dark humor and whimsical inclusions of modern-day conveniences." - LA Times

"Murillo's probing, imaginative new play, while delving colorfully into what makes this firebrand tick, also manages to expertly render Nietzsche's entire surrounding milieu, crafting myriad small characters who ring with significance and conflict." - Backstage

To request a copy please contact Carlos Murillo's agent, Antje Oegel at AOI International.