The Patron Saint of the Nameless Dead

Murillo Patron Saint

A NEW IMMIGRANT to the Lower East Side takes the only job he can get -- robbing graves and burning down tenements. He needs the money to bring his beloved to the land of the free. A missed encounter, a horrible crime, and a terrible irony condemn him to repeat his past until the end of time. Patron Saint was produced as part of the site-specific production of The Secret History of the Lower East Side, staged on the roof of the Seward Park High School. Secret History was co-written by Alice Tuan, Peter Ullian and Matthew Wilder. 

Commissioned by En Garde Arts, Anne Hamburger, Producer, 1998

  • 1 Man


World Premiere - En Garde Arts, The Secret History of the Lower East Side, 1998


"The narrative has an eerie circularity, turning in on itself like a mobius strip." - Alisa Solomon, Village Voice 

To request a copy please contact Carlos Murillo's agent, Antje Oegel at AOI International.